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Development Log ( 15.12.2016 )

Major server changes:

New mod core (8.12.2016)

-Currently runing PromodLive-216 version with Custom Public mode.
-Pml-216 working scripts implemented.

MaM updated (8.12.2016)

-Full support with PromodLive-216
-Enabled cracked server mode
-Anti Guid Spoof installed
-Anti Block installed

Server updates (Since the core change):

- Working endround killcam with music implemented
- Updated SD gametype, custom rounds, knife round
- Custom menu for players
- Custom staff menu
- Updated promod ruleset, dvars and server config
- Custom skins and models
- Installed anti afk system
- Added HUD visuals ( KD ratio, kills, deaths )
- Advanced admin commands added
- FoV & FPS Toggle binds implemented
- Increased sniper damage

Server updates (Recently):

- GeoIP plugin for welcome messages
- Updated server ranks
- Fixed player commands
- Added !report command
- Implemented server registration for players
- Added !register command
- New endround music for killcam
- New skins for weapons


- Added five new maps ( Shantytown, Nuketown, Naout, Summit, Slick )
- Code cleanup and a few minor fixes
- Started working on post round events fixes

Future updates:

- Anti cheat system
- New maps ( poll will be created for new maps )
- New skins
- New models
- Awarding system
- Server rules
- New permissions
- Custom menus for all groups
- New features like scoreboard ranks instead of levels & country flags
- New visuals
- Fixes ( knife delay, rounds ... )
The log will be maintained by me, the log will be refreshed after more stuff has changed on the server.
Please without excessive posts and comments on this section, suggestions and ideas are welcome as well as scripts.
good job
Krea. Could you fix that when you are dead you can spec not only your team please? ;>
also could you change hit 100 for deagle in close headshot? it should be 98 :D ty <3
fixed, should be working after a map change, tell me if its not
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