Name: Mario Bahun
In-game name: p00dyFFS
Age: 16
Where are you from?: Croatia
Why you want to join us?: Idk i kinda got used to this server and people. I really wanna join ya.
Tell us, where you are good at?: Idk i guess technical stuff and gaming ye...
Where you heard us?: eBc... GameTracker
Why we should accept you in clan?: I got used to this server so much and I play on it a LOT
Anything else?: I play on fake name (Clitler) why u might ask... Well my retarded cousin
(p00dy) took my name and hacked so it kinda got him banned XD. So when I joined in as p00dyFFS
admins were asking me am I the guy that hacked and i couldn't be arsed to actually pass though that
every single day. So I was sadly forced to change my name for greater good... I don't personally hack
and yes I did give my cousin a lil' bit of a lesson when he came to pay a visit ;). Also idk fam just accept me
yea cuz why not I mean yea :D (Also I have a low subscriber YT channel just starting u kno (not advs) so
maybe in future if i get enough support I can promote the server).Also greetings to Kreator fam.