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Well today I was playing as regular and all of a sudden I got disconnected from the server. When I tried to reconnect it kept kicking me and said this:

Player kicked:
Reason for kick
Admin gave no reason

Now whenever I try to connect it automatically kicks me out.

yes he do the same for me , u must to change name , but wtf , i must , now install cod X or abort for playing still before i did not do it before...

Same for me but I cant connect even after changing my name

I changed the name and i can now play but i don't have any cmds, when i type online it says that i'm player

well krea told me the server host forced the server to update to 1.8 so, the server doesnt recognize the members/admin

i hope this get fixed soon and we all can play normal again

you are not only one Candy :/
Idk whats going on there atm, its fixed already or what? I ve been so busy that its hard to get time to be online atm. Kreator have a card on this one.
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ye you can't even play on server, too much hackers come.
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