So... as i said before i had financial problems and we didnt got done anything about that cuz my step parent have low payments and we cant pay the net electricity and water what is the main thing to live... we need to get the way to pay it somehow or we will lose our house so im quiting cod cuz i need to find job and we will save some money by turning off the net so... this may be the last goodbye by me... maybe not but who knows... so goodbye to all of ya people you all changed my life had no friends now i have tons of them and i just love that kind of life when you know that some people love you even if i had bullied when i was young lost my parents and it was hard for me to live life... i just wanna say thanks to all for being so friendly with me and made my life just as you are... best! I'll remember you all for my whole life... and biggest thanks to one guy that i love most of all the admins membs masters and all other clan rankings that you may get... its for lal... not just because i love the way he looks how he act infront of all... its just because i know him for long time and he was the guy that actualy learned me playing promod and... lal... m8 i love you... so... once again... goodbye by werppy :cry: