We are recruiting.
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Name:Dario Tokić
In-game name: AfterHat
Age: 20
Where are you from?: Croatia
Why you want to join us?: I like the server and the members, everyone seems nice :)
Tell us, where you are good at?: I'm good at AK/AKU, i can move around map somewhat quickly(Not as good as Beasty though)
Where you heard us?: I found your server on gametracker and it's my favorite ever since.
Why we should accept you in clan?:I think I'm a nice person and i can easily spot hacker, as well as being on server as much possible
Anything else?: Nothing, really, just that the server is my favorite because I don't like lots of people on server at the same time, have 6k hours on the game and most of them are spent on wars with my old clan, so 5v5 is what I preffer :)
Have a good day :)
Be more active on our server so then will be +. I saw you couple times but not so much...Have a nice day :)
play a bit longer on the server, ive seen u a few times and u seem to be a cool,nice,friendly and skilled player
Thank you, both, much appreciated :)
I sign on that what Candy says ;)
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