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In-game name: |RaZeR|p00dyFFS

When you get banned?: 4.2.2017/22:30 (or 10:30PM)

Who banned you: fm|Candy

Counter evidence: Fuck you, i'm fucking raging right now why dafuq do you fucking ban me for no fucking reason are you fucking dumb just cuz some cunt azcer told you shit that i was already banned and I explained everthing in my request to join this clan like FFS. Kreator was ok with it but nooo azcer comes in and fucking tells Candy "UUUH YEA IDK IF HE HACKS BUT YOU SHOULD JUST BAN HIM" And fucking it wasn't even me who fucking hacked fucking guy that was ingame was hacker p00dy (his current username in server : Rampaa) I mean wtf and how am I hacking if server is fucked up and on 1.8 fucking version like WTF and i fucking got banned after being in game for 1 minute hacking 1 kill no spectating nothing and the reason is "WB" like please... What the actual fucking fuck fucking i cant even play this fucking game properly if my fucking retarded cousin takes my fucking name cuz obv he is too fucking retarded to fucking get his own fucking name like a fucking idiot i will beat the fuck out of him when he comes that fucking idiotic kid motherfucker. Fucking just unban me i cant even play anymore like FOR FUCKS SAKE.

P.S: azcer was banning random people when i was named Clitler for reason : "p00dy" like hello? NEMESIA' was like "uuuh azcer this guy is p00dy hacker 100%." and he banned them like WHAT??? Also I complained to Candy and other admins like Vopy but noooo...

P.S.S: Fuck this shit.
first of all, reacting like this doesnt realy help u.
second, i have seen many admin ban u with the reason rwb (rejoin with ban) because apparently u have used hacks in the past. For me thats enough to ban u.
its me above this reply:D

forgot to login
No reason?You were hacking before and got into fights with other players etc. I had a shit ton of demos about you but now they're gone cuz i reinstalled cod
And dont say it was your cousin/brother/friend it was obv just u,it was seeable it was only u.You had the same gameplay everytime.
I doub't that someone would actually rage this much if they've really hacked. I banned poody a few months ago, note that there were two of them, I dont remember this one cheating, may be wrong but back then It was not him.

If you banned with proof, after spectating him then there should be no issues.
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