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Server is now online. There is not any features yet expect
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jump_slowdownEnable "0"

Features that will be added soon as possible:

- Fov scale toggle
- Fullbright toggle
- MaM (It worked first but then i fckd it up)

And more after i get those working online. You can find server bottom of site and here. Server is now for 18 players i think its more than enough for start, let's try get it populated.

have fun. ;)

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Thank you lal for your work
You can use songpack i made for this server :D
Only problem, im not really good scripted so im not sure how to set them on endround killcam. :D
Frag Masters Founder
if you can get to ebc scripts, you can find how to do it

Round last kill killcam works and K/D ratio image on left side of screen added.

Thx pwnzz for script. :)
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I think someone needs my help :D
Finaly you came xD
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